FAQ 1 페이지 목록

  1. What are the criteria of selection in becoming a member of FCRC?

    The three most important selection criteria are commitment, finance and English. The applicant is expected to

    show commitment and dedication to the club through active participation in its activities. The applicant will also be

    expected to demonstrate basic knowledge in finance as well as a satisfactory level of proficiency in English.

  2. What is the expected English proficiency level?

    Applicants are not required to possess a native command of English. However, all sessions are conducted in English,

    and all members are expected to actively participate in sessions through presentations and discussions. Therefore,

    applicants should be able to express his or her views in English.

  3. Is there any disadvantage in being a non-business major?

    No. FCRC is open to all students in the SNU community, regardless of their major or level of studies. Current and

    past members of FCRC include students from the Colleges of Business Administration, Social Sciences, Liberal

    Studies, Natural Science, Engineering, Humanities and beyond.

  4. Do I need to have taken finance-related courses to be eligible to apply?

    No. Having taken finance or accounting courses can, of course, be one of many ways for applicants to demonstrate

    an interest in finance. However, an applicant’s coursework will not independently determine eligibility or admissibility.

    Passion is preferred over knowledge.

  5. How are interviews conducted?

    Interviews involve all returning active members of FCRC, and will be conducted in English. In the first part, we will

    ask you to demonstrate basic knowledge of accounting and corporate finance theory, based on study materials that

    will be provided to you before the interview. The second part consists of questions based on the application you

    have submitted, focusing on your experiences and background.

  6. Is it possible to waive the requirement for participation in FCRC for two consecutive semesters?

    No. All applicants must be able to participate for two consecutive semesters. Exchange students who wish to apply

    must provide clear and certain proof of both willingness and availability to participate for two consecutive semesters.