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Hong, Sangmin

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I founded FCRC with several other members under the instruction of Professor Dosoung Choi 20 years ago.

First of all, I am very proud of having over 300 members working at global financial institutions,

global firms and even establishing their own business firms.

At first, only few members could debate the case material in English during sessions,

but all members made every effort to increase their capabilities of English and of understanding real world business cases.

As a part of such effort, we attended the “Case Writing Conference”

held by the National University of Singapore to develop our case-writing skills as well as to become familiar  with global minds.

Also, we sent our trained members to Global Business Competitions held by Washington University, 

in which they won the first prize. With such effort, FCRC has been growing as one of the global clubs whose members

are contributing to build the foundation of our dream

in the next generation and making Korea the strongest financial hub in Asia.

I believe FCRC has become not only a famed academic club for case studies, but also for the great community cultivating

financial professionals contributing to the capital world.


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